International Real Estate Research

International Real Estate Research

International Real Estate Research

This BLOG extends beyond Terms and Phrases to cover International Real Estate Research.

Our sister site provides data for commercial real estate from over 60 countries.

This includes demographics, economic and financial data, useful national websites and, in particular rents, yields and office vacancy rates for the past five years.

There are external sources for international real estate research, including links for real estate law firm, accountancy firms, consultants, real estate companies and universities and colleges that offer real estate courses .

International Real Estate Research

Lists of over 80 real estate associations, as well as software programs for real estate analysis.

Each country will have an overview, basic corporate and tax information, a description of the legal system and lease terms.

There are links to other sources of research and places to find commercial property for sale or rent.

This is an independent site that will assist and real  estate appraisers, foreign investors, consultants, property developers, law firms, owners, occupiers, valuers who are looking to invest in a new country.

The best starting point for property research all in one place .

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Access international information by country on Real Estate Law Firms; Real Estate Consultants & Advisors; and Accountants.

Property Companies; Pension Fund Investors and Investment Fund Managers.

Universities and Colleges offering real estate courses.

View market information for over 60 countries (political, demographic, economic and financial data).

Investment yields, market rents and vacancy rates for office, retail and industrial properties over the past five years.

Corporate and tax information, country legal systems, national lease structures, property registration and a bibliography for each country.

Direct links to Market Reports from major real estate firms in each country.

Find commercial property in the country through major agents/brokers.

Real Estate Associations

Real Estate Journals and Software

All you need for International Real Estate Research.