Option Agreement and Conditional Contract | What is the difference?

Option Agreement and Conditional Contract, Defined And Distinguished

An option is a choice available to one party, a conditional contract depends on an external event.

An option is a  right to do or not to do something, such as a right to accept or reject an offer within a specified or reasonable period of time. An option provides a right, but not an obligation, to carry out a specific action upon agreed terms, usually a right to buy at a given (or determinable) price within an agreed period of time.

An option is an agreement by which one party (‘option issuer’ or ‘optionor’) binds himself to transfer property to another (‘option holder’ or ‘optionee’) within a fixed, or reasonable, period of time, at a stipulated price. An agreement to keep an offer open. “A promise which meets the requirements for the formation of a contract and limits the promisor’s power to revoke an offer”, The American Law Institute, Restatement Second, Contracts (St. Paul, MN: 1981), § 25.

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“[A]n option on a proper analysis is no more than an ordinary offer coupled with a promise not to withdraw the offer during the period of the option”, Mountford v Scott [1974] 1 All ER 248, 254, aff’d [1975] Ch 258 (CA).

An option to sell property is a continuing offer whereby the owner agrees with another that the latter shall have the privilege of buying the property, upon certain terms, within a specified time … .

Option Agreement and Conditional ContractAn option is a form of unilateral contract, at least until the holder of the option gives notice of his intention to exercise the right. “So long as it [the option] remains unaccepted it is a unilateral writing lacking the mutual elements of a contract, but when accepted an executory contract arises, mutually binding upon the parties.

The distinguishing characteristic of an option is that it imposes no binding obligation upon the person holding the option, aside from the consideration for the offer; but when the option, i.e. the continuing offer is accepted, it ceases to be an option and becomes a mutually binding agreement of sale. 12 Am. Jur. § 27, p. 525”, Schlein v. Gairoad, 127 NJL 358, 22 A.2d 539, 540 (1941).

An essential feature of an option is that the optionee has sole control over the choice that he is permitted to make and may withdraw therefrom at will.

An option may be considered … [More on option agrrment and conditional contract at realestatedefined.com]

Also called a ‘time bargain’ when the agreement is limited within a specified period of time.

Cf. contract for sale and purchase(US), contract for sale.
See also commission, covenant running with the land, derivative, equitable interest(Eng), estate contract(Eng), hire-purchase agreement(BrE), overriding interest(Eng), ready able and willing, renewal, time, time is of the essence, unilateral contract, writing.

option agreement and conditional contract

A conditional contract is a contract made subject to a ‘condition’, i.e. a contract that is entirely dependent upon the fulfilment of a condition or contingency. “A conditional contract has been defined as ‘ … an executory contract, the performance of which depends on a condition. It is not simply an executory contract, since the latter may be an absolute agreement to do, or nor to do, something, but it is a contract whose very existence and performance depends on a contingency and condition’, 17 C.J.S., Contracts (St. Paul, MN), § 10, p. 329”, Ross v. Bumstead, 65 Ariz 61, 173 P.2d 765, 766–7 (1946). The contract may be subject to a condition precedent

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A conditional contract may be distinguished from an option or a right of pre-emption, because the latter forms of agreement depend on the wishes of one of the parties, but a conditional contract depends on some outside event.  Cf. escrow.  See also contract of sale, conditional sale, negotiation, subject to contract, subject to finance, subject to survey.

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