UK Property Statutes

UK Property Statutes These are some of the recent UK Property Statutes: UK Property Statutes: Localism Act 2011 A statute has been passed in England called the Localism Act 2011 (only a politician could come up with a title like that!). It is intended to make planning a more local matter and give more power to local communities. However, hidden in this lengthy Statute are issues related to (i) a “list of asset of community value” (‘community assets’) that must be maintained by a local … [Read more...]

Real Property Law

This Real Property Law Blog is the place to review some of the recent cases and statutes from around the world. Real Property Law: United Kingdom We start our review of some recent issues on real property law in UK with Berrisford v Mexfield Housing Co-operative Ltd [2011] 46 EG 105, [2011] 3 WLR 1091 (SC). The United Kingdom Supreme Court effectively converted a tenancy granted to an individual for an uncertain term into a lease for 90 years, or until the tenant dies. A lease has to be … [Read more...]