Email Legally Binding | Writing Sale of Land

email legally binding

When is an Email Legally Binding? Most contracts for the sale of land must be in Writing. So when is an email legally binding? In English statute law, ‘writing’ is defined to include “typing, printing, lithography, photography, and other modes of representing or reproducing words in visible form”, Interpretation Act 1978, Sch. 1. (Under this definition strictly an electronic document is not ‘writing’.) A requirement that estates or interests in land should be created or … [Read more...]

Mortgagee Clause In Insurance Policy | Mortgagee And Insurance

English Law: mortgage clause in insurance policy

Mortgagee Clause in Insurance Policy Mortgagee clause in insurance policy. A clause in a fire insurance policy, as taken out by a mortgagor, that refers to the interest of the mortgagee in the mortgaged property. The clause may require only that the mortgagee is informed if any claim is made under the policy; or, more usually, it requires that any money paid under the policy goes direct to the mortgagee to the extent of the amount of the mortgage, in which case it is usually called a … [Read more...]

Fee simple absolute in possession | 1 of 2 legal estate in English law

Fee Simple Absolute in Possession

Fee simple absolute in possession A “fee simple absolute in possession”, is a term of English statutory derivation, being the primary unqualified freehold estate in land. A ‘fee simple absolute in possession’ is: one of only two estates (the other being a term of years absolute) that is “capable of subsisting or of being conveyed or created at law”, Law of Property Act 1925, s. 1(a), i.e. a legal estate—any other estate being an equitable estate. In theory the owner of this … [Read more...]