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Rights of Way - Highway Carriageway Driftway A way or passage on land, made or unmade, over which the public at large has a right to pass and repass for legal purposes. “The word ‘highway’ is of Saxon derivation [heghewei], meaning a right of use for passengers whether public or private. A highway is a "generic name for all kinds of ways which are common to all people having occasion to pass over them", Safeway Trails, Inc. v. Furman, 76 NJ Super 90, 183 A.2d 788, 793 (1962). A right of way or … [Read more...]

Latin Terms

Over 350 Latin terms are explained in Real Estate Defined from ab initio  to  volenti non fit injuria. Some Latin Terms are easily translated and are part of every day usage in English, such as ex gratia; some Latin Terms are particularly significant to property law, such as  ad coelum usque ad inferos, 'from heaven to hell' (theoretically the extent of land ownership); and others are established rules of law, such as nec vi, nec clam, nec precario, 'not by violence, not by stealth, not by … [Read more...]