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(Suffixes such as (US) (Eng) (F) indicate the country of primary, but not necessarily exclusive, use).

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absolute assignment,   absolute auction(US),   absolute covenant,   absolute deed,   absolute estate,   absolute fee simple,   absolute leasehold(Eng),   absolute liability,   absolute net lease(US),   absolute order(Eng),   absolute ownership,   absolute title,   absorption rate,   absque hoc(Lat),   absque impetitione vasti(Lat),   abstract,   abstract fees(US),   abstract of title,   abstracted in chief,   abstracter(US),   abstracter's certificate(US),   abstracting,   abstraction approach(AmE),   abstractor(US),   abstractor's certificate(US),   abusus(Lat),   abuttal,   accrue,   acquisition(F),   action ex delicto,   actual rate,   ad coelum usque ad centrum or ad coelum usque ad inferos(Lat),   adjusted gross income (AGI)(US),   advance commitment,   aedificium(Lat),   age-life method of depreciation,   aggregate retail value (ARV)(AmE),   agricultural holding(Eng),   aleatory contract,   all the title,   alternative cost,   amortisation(BrE) or amortization(AmE),   anchor lease,   année(F),   annuity capitalization,   apparent title(US),   appraised value(AmE),   arbitrage(F),   area of special scientific interest(Eng),   article of roup(Scot),   assessment ratio(US),   assize rent(Eng),   at-risk rule(US),   auction,   avant-projet(F),   avulsion(F)


bail (pl. baux)(F),   Baltimore method of appraisal(US),   bargainor,   basic rate,   bench mark or bench-mark,   best bid,   bill for specific performance(US),   blighted area,   boc-land or bock-land(Eng),   book rate of return (BRR),   brandon(F),   brief of title(US),   build-operate-transfer contract,   building density ratio(Aus),   building regulation,   bungalow,   business trust


cabinet(F),   call patent(US),   capital appreciation,   capital value,   capture rate(US),   cash available for distribution (CAD)(AmE),   cashier's check(AmE) or cashier's cheque(BrE),   caveatable interest(Aus/NZ),   certificat d'urbanisme (CU)(F),   certificate of interest(US),   certificate of zoning ordinance compliance(US),   chain store,   charter-land(Eng),   chose in action,   clandestine mortgage or clandestine charge,   closed-end investment company,   coassurance(F),   collateral contract,   combination loan or combination mortgage,   commingling,   common at large(Eng),   common of fishery,   commonhold,   commutative contract(US),   compensation notice(Eng),   compound amount of one,   concédant(F),   condemnor(US),   conditional upon,   conforming use,   considé ration(F),   construction loan,   constructive possession,   contingent fee,   continuous servitude(Civ),   contract rent,   contribution,   convertible-rate mortgage,   coparceny,   correlative water rights(US),   cost-reimbursement contract,   coupled with an interest,   covenant for right to convey(Eng),   cover note,   credit rating,   Crown grant,   current yield or current return


damnum fatale(Lat),   De Donis Conditionalibus,   débiteur(F),   declaration of covenants and restrictions(US),   deed of bargain and sale(US),   deed poll,   defect,   deferred value,   delinquent payment,   density,   dépôt(F),   derivative security,   détail(F),   development application(Aus),   development valuation,   diminution of a claim,   discontinuance order(Eng),   disentailing deed(Eng),   distraint,   divided interest,   doctrine of stale demands(US),   dominion,   double escrow(US),   drainage ditch,   drop-lock debenture or drop-lock FRN,   durée (d'un bail)(F)


easement by estoppel,   ecclesiastical benefice(Eng),   effective floor area (EFA)(BrE),   égout(F),   empty nester(US),   endowment mortgage,   enquiry,   entrepreneur(F),   eo instanti(Lat),   equitable land burden(US),   equity capital,   equity sharing,   escalation lease(US),   established use certificate(Eng),   estate in entirety(US),   estate on condition subsequent,   estoppel statement(US),   eviction by title paramount,   excambion(Scot),   exclusive dealing agreement(BrE),   executor (f.   executrix),   exor(Lat),   exposé(F),   extension agreement or extension clause,   fa├žade or facade,   faculté de réméré(F)


Fannie Mae(US),   federal grant(US),   fee simple absolute,   feoffment(Eng),   fictitious sale(US),   filum aquæ(Lat),   financing statement(US),   first refusal,   fixed lease(US),   flat cost,   floating capital,   flow-through(US),   force majeure(Civ),   foreshore,   forty-five degree rule(Eng),   franchise(F),   freehold covenant,   fructus naturales(Lat),   full-value assessment(US),   future interest


gap finance,   gazump(BrE),   general liability insurance,   geodetic survey system,   give,   good husbandry(Eng),   graded rent,   granting clause(US),   grey area(Eng),   gross lease(US),   ground lease,   habendum,   hammer,   head rent,   hereditable,   highway authority(Eng),   holdback(US),   home owners' association (HOA)(US)


Hoskold coefficient or Hoskold factor(US),   Housing Corporation(Eng),   hypothéque(F),   impact fee(US),   implied licence,   improvement,   in futuro(Lat),   inchoate mechanics lien,   incorporel(F),   independent contractor,   individual ownership(US),   Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC)(BrE),   Inland Revenue charge(Eng),   installment note(US),   insured closing agreement(US),   interest-only loan,   interim rent(Eng),   interpretation clause or interpretation section,   inverse order of alienation,   investor,   issuer,   joint ownership,   judicial precedent,   jus tertii(Lat),   knowledge


land gavel,   land sale-and-leaseback,   land warrant(US),   lappage(US),   lease,   leaseback,   leasing(F),   legal owner,   lettable area,   leveraged lease,   licence coupled with an equity(Eng),   life of a building,   limited estate,   liquidated damages,   listing price(AmE),   loan fee,   local law,   locus in quo(Lat),   loss,   louage(F)


mail,   mala fide(Lat),   manor house,   marital property(US),   marketable title,   maturity date,   memorial,   messuage,   mine(F),   mise(F),   mock auction,   month,   mortgage commitment,   mortgage lender,   mortgage security,   movable(s)(Civ),   muniment


naked possession(US),   natural wear and tear,   negligent waste(US),   net cash flow,   net-net lease(US),   net site area,   no-scheme world(Eng),   non-apparent easement,   non-reliance clause,   note mortgage,   novel disseisin


objet(F),   occupancy rate or occupancy ratio,   off-set mortgage,   offrant(F),   one transaction rule(US),   open lands(US),   operating ratio,   option to terminate,   original contractor or originating contractor,   outstanding natural beauty(Eng),   overhead or overhead cost


pannage(Eng),   parity clause(US),   partial payment factor(US),   particula,   party fence wall(Eng),   pass-through security(US),   pay-back period,   penalty,   per pais(Lat),   periodic estate(US),   permitted use(US),   personal restriction or personal servitude,   pignus(Civ),   plan de sauvegarde(F),   planning condition(Eng),   plat book(US),   police power(US),   positive leasehold(US),   possibility of issue extinct,   practical completion,   précompte(F),   preliminary report(US),   present,   preventive maintenance or preventative maintenance,   prime lease,   principal vesting instrument(Eng),   private zoning(US),   procuration(F),   profits basis of assessment(BrE),   promise,   property management,   proprietas(Lat),   provision for cesser on redemption(Eng),   public liability insurance,   public utility,   purchase money deed of trust (PMDT)(US),   pyramid zoning(US),   quantities,   quasi-délit(F),   quiet enjoyment


rachmanism(Eng),   rate of return,   raw land,   real estate development(AmE),   real security,   reasonably beneficial use(Eng),   reciprocal easement agreement (REA)(US),   recorded plat or recorded survey(US),   redeem up, foreclose down,   réel (f. réelle)(F),   register of sasines(Scot),   registration,   reinstatement basis,   relessor,   remembrement(F),   renouveler (un bail)(F),   rent holdback(US),   rent-to-turnover ratio,   rental purchase,   réparation(F),   request for bid (RFB) or request for proposal (RFP),   rescission,   residential density,   résoudre(F),   restrictive covenant,   retaking,   revaluation reserve,   reversionary lease,   right in gross,   right of recourse,   right to support,   roll(US),   ruine(F),   running covenant(AmE)


sale by tract,   satisfaction certificate(US),   scheduled property,   search(Eng),   secure tenancy(Eng),   seisinee,   senior mortgage,   service real(Civ),   servitude d'urbanisme(F),   severability clause(US),   sharecropping lease,   short-term lease,   simple trust,   site value,   smallholding,   soke(Eng),   sous-location(F),   Special Development Order (SDO)(Eng),   special recognition clause(US),   specific implement(Scot),   split rate,   stallage(Eng),   start rate,   statutory declaration(Eng),   statutory tenant(Eng),   stipulation pour autrui(F),   strata plan(Aus),   structure plan(Eng),   subject to mortgage,   sub-sale,   subtopia,   sui juris(Lat),   supermarket,   surface right,   syndic(F)


tail female,   taking-off,   tax-free exchange or tax free exchange(US),   technical mortgage(US),   tenancy by the entireties,   tenancy on sufferance,   tenant in fee,   tenant's default insurance,   term for years,   terra nullius(Lat),   third-party liability insurance,   time,   title by occupancy or title by occupation,   title paramount,   top-slice income,   town house or townhouse,   trailer,   treasure trove,   trophy building,   trust indenture(US),   turnover lease


unaccrued sum,   underwriter,   Uniform Codes and Model Acts(US),   unit rule(US),   unmarketable title(US),   upset price(US),   usage,   usque ad medium filum aquæ(Lat),   utility easement(US),   valeur locative(F),   value center(US),   vault,   versement(F),   vétusté(F),   vindictive damages,   voluntary deed(US),   walkway,   water lot,   white bonnet(Scot/US),   within,   working capital,   writ of entry and possession(US),   yearly tenancy,   zone A(Eng)

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