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What are the advantages of the Online Edition over the book?

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How may I terminate the License?

The License Agreement may only be terminated at the end of the twelve month period (unless terminated by the Licensor in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement - see Terms & Conditions).

How do I increase the number of Users?

Please see the Subscription Prices on the Home Page.

What can I find on this site that I cannot find elsewhere on the internet?

With which internet browser does the Online Encyclopedia work?

The Encyclopedia should work with all popular browsers. It has been developed for use with Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above

Is there any limit on the time that the site may be accessed?

No, a Registered User may access the site at any time for an unlimited period of time (unless the service is interrupted or suspended by a technical problem outside the control of the Licensor). In the event of a change of computer (e.g. desktop to laptop) you will be required to authenticate the new computer and a user may only access the site from one computer at any one time — see Terms & Conditions.

How often will the Encyclopedia be updated?

The Encyclopedia is not intended to provide up to the minute information. However, updates will be added on a regular basis, including new terms as they arise, important cases and legislative changes, etc. as soon as practicable. (If there is any information that you would like immediate updates about email us from the contact page above and we will endevour to find appropriate information.)

Can I make copies of the text?

Yes, but limitations may be placed on the amount of information that can be downloaded at any time. All material on the site is subject to the copyright of Delta Alpha Publishing and any reproduced material must include the designation:

"Extracted from the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms Online", © Delta Alpha Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

What is the best method of finding additional materials referred to in the Encyclopedia?

Cases, Codes & Legislation - If you do not subscribe to an online legislative service, a number of sources of cases and legislation are provided under Links.

Bibliographic References Many of the entries have multiple references. This enables the User to find additional material in one or more of the sources that may be to hand. A full list of the books can be found from the tab Bibliography.

If you are unable to find a suitable source please let us know by completing the Suggestions form (see Support/Suggestions).

How do I note any errors, omissions or changes that should be made to the text?

Go to Support/Suggestions and complete the simple form and send you comments which will be very welcome.

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