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The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms Online is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work on real estate terminology.

It is designed for lawyers, professional real estate investors and owners, developers, consultants, banks and other lenders, accountants, as well as students.

The Online version has three main aims: (i) to provide a clear and precise explanation of the meaning of a particular word or phrase (although legal and technical explanations proliferate, every effort has been made to avoid, as far as possible, the jargon or the cumbersome phraseology that has grown up in this subject since the Middle Ages); (ii) to help the user find an answer to many of the questions that occur in real estate today (if not directly, then by reference to a number of other sources); and (iii) to point out where a problem might occur upon which, when required, further advice and counsel should be sought.

The Encyclopedia defines and explains in detail the meaning and significance of over 10,000 terms.

It contains more than 15,000 citations (including over 5,700 cases and 1,900 statutory or code references). There are over 7,400 bibliographic references, many of which are referenced by page or paragraph number, enabling the User to go to the book or an online service to find further information. In addition, there are links to many useful web sites such as real estate organization, government bodies, major reference works such as USPAP and the RICS 'Red Book', Financial Analysis Software and much more.

The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is an essential reference work for all professionals confronted with the complexities of the modern real estate world. It will prove invaluable to real estate investors, consultants, lawyers, accountants, managers as well as students.

This reference work is truly international in scope. It draws on material from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and France.

Terms may be searched easily by inserting any word (which will produce a selection of terms containing that word), or by using the Advanced Search to find any word or phrase in the Encyclopedia.

Further information on the Encyclopedia and its use is provided to registered Users under Help.

About the Author

Damien Abbott BSc, FRICS, CDipAF has over 40 years real estate experience gained in over twenty countries spread over five continents. He has worked with such prestigious companies as CB Richard Ellis, Ford Motor Company, Land Securities, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and INVESTCORP International. He has lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, Brussels, London, Istanbul, New York and San Francisco. Damien Abbott is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and has a Diploma in Accounting and Finance. He is a member of FIABCI, the Urban Land Institute, CoreNet and an Affiliate Member of the Appraisal Institute.

Damien Abbott's extensive experience has involved development, investment, appraisal, management and financing of real estate with a total value in excess of $3.0 billion dollars. His work has taken him from new town development, to international real estate investment and has included such diverse responsibilities as appraisal work in Cairo and Damascus; condominium development in California; land reform advice for a national government; acquiring or financing office investments and shopping centers in London, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Brussels and Paris; industrial development in Dublin and Finland; property sales for Gucci; and collateralized-mortgage financing for Saks Fifth Avenue. In 1995 he left INVESTCORP International to form his own international real estate consultancy practice; although he now spends most of his time writing and traveling.

Also read the PREFACE to Third Edition for a background to the writing of the Encyclopedia.

More about the author on his web site.

Praise for the Third Edition

The richness and quality in the descriptions of the terms are really what this book is all about. Real estate professionals (not necessarily geeky ones) can easily become engrossed in the meaning and derivation of frequently used expressions. … There are numerous and extensive discussions of key real estate terms with exhaustive legal and financial references. … The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, third edition, is an excellent resource for appraisers and real estate professionals, especially those practicing in the area of forensic appraisal (litigation support) and those with an international clientele.  Anthony C. Barna, MAI, SRA,   Appraisal Journal, Fall 2009

Five Stars (out of Five). Thirty years in the making, this massive collection is a guide to every term related to real estate, economics, and everything in between. Creator Damien Abbott writes that it is designed for readers from 'teachers to students to lay people to professional practitioners'. In truth, Abbott is being rather bashful about his tremendous accomplishment. ... Nothing is left untouched and no term is left undefined in this magnificent reference guide. Organized in typical Encyclopedia/dictionary manner, this guide is extremely easy to use for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.”   ForeWord Clarion Review, Oct 2008.

"Highly recommended for academic, public and business libraries, as well as real estate and legal collections” Kay M. Stephens, American Reference Books Annual, 2009

"Abbott’s encyclopedia is nothing if not thorough ... also ensures that even the most complicated entries begin with a brief, relatively broad definition, and exhaustively cross-references for terms which may be unfamiliar to the novice. Comprehensive and edifying: Understood by the Joes, essential to the pros.” KIRKUS DISCOVERIES

"“Real estate consultant Abbott's purpose in covering this vast area is to be comprehensive, to provide more international coverage, to provide clear and precise explanations, to help readers find answers to today's real estate questions, and to point out problems requiring further advice and counsel. The Third Edition ... can be used as a dictionary and thesaurus, as well as an encyclopedia. Summing Up: Recommended. CHOICE REVIEWS, Nov 2008..

"Complete and comprehensive – never have those words rung truer than when one looks at 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms'. With well over 1,500 pages of information on the real estate game, 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is composed and compiled by Damien Abbott, a man who has been involved in three billion dollars worth of real estate transactions during his globe-spanning, over forty year career. Now in its third edition, 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is a must for anyone getting into the world of real estate, and an invaluable reference for any seasoned agent who wants to stay on top of the game. 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is highly recommended for community library Real-Estate and reference collections." MidWest Book Review

“In the preface, author Damien Abbott says, “As one moves from country to country, many different terms are encountered for the same or similar concepts. ‘Condominium’, ‘commonhold’, copropriété and ‘strata unit’ are variations on a theme…” He says the encyclopedia brings together terminology that has merged “and at the same time it highlights the many differences that are to be encountered in countries that may have had a common law foundation, but have absorbed a mixture of terms and practices from each other. The publishers say the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is the most comprehensive single-volume reference book on real estate terminology, and we believe them.”  REM Online, November 2008.

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