Property & Probate Review, Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Fall 2009

    Book Review, Property & Probate Journal, Fall 2009

Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Second Edition by Damien Abbott
Published by Delta Alpha Publishing, London & Washington, DC, 2000, 1,430 pages
$165.00, hardcover


Damien Abbott’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF REAL ESTATE TERMS (Delta Alpha Publishing, 2d ed. 2000) is a comprehensive and easy-to-read reference of real estate law and practice terms. This book will be especially useful to newer real estate lawyers and to more experienced attorneys who focus on other areas of law but occasionally confront real estate documentation. Abbott’s book is up to date and provides explanations of securitization and related terms. Despite its currency, the book maintains clear explanations of older property law terms, including future interests. The author provides citations to a limited number of definitive cases and treatises to give the reader additional sources or necessary context. This book is not limited to purely American real estate law terminology. Abbott also focuses on English practice terms, as well as civil law and Scots and French law. As a result, this reference book might be useful to American attorneys representing parties in real estate transactions involving foreign soil. September/October 2002

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